MP Cleaning Services are a cleaning company based in London, who pride themselves in providing their customers with an outstanding and professional service. The core of our business hinges on the following three principles: 


The staff at MP Cleaning Services are polite, friendly and happy to help.

We think about our customer first. Whether you are a commercial or a domestic client, we aim to provide a second to none service to meet your expectations. We take pride in our professionalism and efficiency and this is reflected in our working alongside you in a manner that causes the least disruption to your business or home. 


We will find the best time that suits you and stick to that arrangement as closely as possible.

We're flexible with all our customers and pay attention to each requirement as necessary. We have done away with the need to be locked into a lengthy contract and are happy with providing a flexible service that suits the needs of our customers. 


We use eco-friendly products and avoid harsh chemicals to benefit the environment. MP Cleaning Services have given great satisfaction to many customers thanks to our quality approach window cleaning, trained staff and efficient cleaning technologies.


We use industry leading cleaning equipment to provide a high quality and efficient clean whilst avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and water wastage. Our primary piece of equipment is:

The WFP (Water-Fed Pole) system is primarily used for external cleaning. This method of cleaning has revolutionised the cleaning industry. This procedure will use only purified water, which will absorb all dirt and dust in its path without leaving any streaks behind. Thanks to the water-fed pole system the cleaner can easily reach any windows and sills up to the fifth floor without resorting to ladders or cherry pickers. This reduces potential safety risks of our cleaners. Using this modern method of cleaning (WFP), our employees can easily treat sash and bay windows, UPVC French doors, cladding, conservatory roofs, and much more without disturbing your privacy.