100% Guarantee Our Work!

Our 100% guarantee means that if you’re not completely happy with the standard of our clean and are able to notify us within 48hr, we will be happy to return and repeat the clean free of charge to your satisfaction. We are confident in the equipment and techniques we use that we can guarantee clean, streak free windows every time.

The only times that a window may not achieve a spot or streak free finish after a clean is if the window have not been washed for some time. The main reason for spotting or streaks on windows that haven’t been cleaned for a period is because we always clean the window frames and sills as part of our service, and sometimes the water from the frame can drip back on the glass afterwards and cause a spot or streak on the window. This happen’s because the water used on the windowd is in its purest form which allows the tiny specs of dirt and dust to be absorbed by the pure water particals and run off of the glass, leaving the glass perfectly clean and free from dirt. When cleaning the frames as part of our standard service it can take several cleans to remove any heavy build up on the frames, which can then drip back onto the glass later on and leave spots. This is normally spotted in advance by our cleaning specialists when doing the job and resolved by cleaning all of the frames first and allowing the water to dry before cleaning the glass, leaving a spot ad streak free finish.