High Level Window Cleaning – The Best Method for the Job?

High level window cleaning

Using water fed pole system to clean windows 55 feet up

When the time comes to perform High level window cleaning it is always good to work with professionals. High windows are those you won’t normally clean simply by standing on the ground.  In the cleaning pecking order, windows come last behind showers, toilets, countertops, and floors. So make sure you include windows in your regular cleaning itinerary.
For most individuals, high level window cleaning is not possible. To do it yourself, you will need a ladder and other additional equipment. The best way to clean outside windows is hiring a professional to do it for you.

But just how would a professional clean your windows?

Water fed pole (WFP) window cleaning.
Most window cleaning companies use purified water while cleaning your windows. WFP window cleaning basically employs reverse osmosis together with a demineralizing resin for 100 percent pure water.
This is the best way to clean outside windows, given the fact that you don’t require any detergents. The pure water is strong enough to wash off all the dirt on your outside windows. That will save you a lot of time and boost your determination to reduce your carbon footprint. No chemicals are involved.
It is not just the most cost-effective but also the safest way to have your windows cleaned. After all, the window cleaners don’t have to go higher than the ground floor to work properly, as they use long carbon fibre poles to get to those awkward heights. Apart from cleaning windows, this method was also be used to clean the following:
• Cladding
• Glass roofs
• Signage
• Atriums
• Skylights
• Canopies
• Solar Panels

Apart from being chemical free, this method is fast and also results in little or no disturbance to the people in or around the building. This is basically a self-contained cleaning system that comes with its own resources. There is no better way to clean your windows.

WFP Window Cleaning Process

High level window cleaning

Using water fed pole system to clean windows 55 feet high

This window cleaning method takes just a couple of steps to complete. The professional window cleaning company will go through the following steps:
• Window agitation. This involves wetting the window in its entirety so that the dirt particles can dissolve into the pure water.
• Removing the water. To achieve this, you have to rinse it off the glass using the remaining pure water. Here no detergents are used.
The end result is a clean and wet window. Eventually, the water will dry off. If the water is pure, it dries off without leaving behind unnecessary spots and streaks. Impure water, on the other hand, dries leaving behind a lot of unwanted marks. That will depend on how pure the water used to rinse the windows is. It is, therefore, important to give the windows a thorough rinse if you hope to make them sparkling clean. A professional company will thus insure that their water is purified correctly for the job. The water can be tested with a TDS meter.
That is sure to take you through to the following few months for another high-level window cleaning exercise.

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