Rope Access Window Cleaning – Providing A Safe Window Cleaning Service

Controlled rope access window cleaning provides a means for window cleaners to access large buildings safely and efficiently. It provides the perfect tool for high level window cleaning, stone and masonry maintenance, and structural inspections. In order for rope access window cleanign to be carried out correctly and safely there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account.

Rope Access Window Cleaning

Rope Access Window Cleaning


A full risk assessment should always be carried out prior to the work. This should include assessing the ease of access, the likely duration of the work, the presence of any dangers or hazards, and the possibility of using a safer alternative method.



A member of the team should be nominated and identified who will be responsible for managing the work. They should have sufficient experience and training, particularly relating to the type of work that the company is carrying out.


A plan should be drawn up with details of risks involved, rescue arrangement, and details of team members with the relevant level of training and experience to carry out the work.


The competence of the personnel must be evaluated prior to the work. Personnel who is competent to carry out the work must be fully trained and have sufficient practical experience to carry out the required duties, understand the potential risks, and recognise any problems with the operation, enabling them to take necessary action.


Rope access work involves team members with different levels of responsibility. These include a rope access manager, supervisor and operatives. The rope access window cleaning managers will be responsible for defining the operation plan, and ensuring it is maintained safely. The supervisor will be responsible for managing the team of operatives, and overseeing the implementation of the operation. The operatives will be responsible for carrying out the rope access duties under supervision.

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